LuluMag is a digital magazine founded by Lulu Berton.
After years spent working as the Los Angeles senior editor for publications such as Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, Style Magazine and The Daily Mail, Lulu decided to create her own platform.

LuluMag became the hub where she could share to a broader audience her suggestions about where to travel & stay, eat & honor the senses, along with an array of precious well-kept secrets on how to live a healthier, happier life. Raised in Italy by an American mother and a Venetian father, Lulu utilizes her sophisticated Italian heritage to deliver selected recommendations, all imbued with the same intrinsic ‘boutique’ quality.

LuluMag offers a European eye on American culture with hand-picked choices that come from a trusted source and not from anonymous, mass-produced engines on the world wide web.

Lulu’s years of experience as a Wellness leader in the fields of Yoga, Mediation, Nutrition and Breathwork led to the expansion of the Art of Wellness guidance practices on the platform, a place where she is able to share and recommend all of the healers, shamans, lightworkers, agents of change and talented experts in the field who have mentored her along this beautiful adventure called Life.